We all have the right to healthy food:

  • protection and informing the consumer about food,
  • establishing a 100 years food strategy,
  • exclusion of harmful genetically modified organisms,
  • advocating for vegetables and fruits not being patented,
  • cultivation and local comercialization of vegetables,
  • access to traditional seeds,
  • partnership establishment with the civil society representatives, authorities, companies,
  • offering guidance for respecting health and alimentation standards for coroporations and producers so that human rights are not violated,
  • education of the public for responsible consumption
  • establishing an infrastructure of the food waste
  • establishing of an efficient and lasting communication between the urban and rural environments,
  • raising the awareness on the necessity of efficient communication between urban and rural environments, pointing out the connection between them in what alimentation, food, information and economy are concerned.

We have started by choosinf a healthy meal for the elders in a social center in Bucuresti, according to their age and diet, then by cooking with children once, twice . We initiated and coordinated the TraditiON updated intercultural project – and as a result we have board and card games which are educational tools to learn about food through playing. Further on, in several high schools in the country we held healthy food workshops.