Activities and projects at a national level:

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Activities in high schools from the country

Ploiești: Personal development and public speaking
Thursday, April 26th we went in Ploieşti and we talked to the high school pupils. Or, better said, we took Paul Ardeleanu with us and he talked to them about public speaking and personal development and his trajectory from the last 4-5 years.

Bucharest: Volunteering, motivation and public speaking
Thursday, May the 17th we went in București and talked with the high school students. Or, sort of saying, we took Paul again with us and he engaged them in his presentation. About volunteering, personal development, life chnaging decisions, all in an interactive manner. These activities were held during the National volunteering week.

Piteşti și Fetești: Atelier despre hrană sănătoasă
There are several ways of raising the awareness about food consumption and the idea of “food”. We chose not to point a finger and instead to encourage discussions based on this idea, through playing and educational tools, discussion that we want it to be followed by action.