Pay it forward, for all you learn and your gained experience is needed everywhere.
Only by standing up and going beyond being passive we can indeed say we live our life. The change you want to see starts with yourself. Act.
“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.” African proverb
Formal, non formal, informal. Self taught or from teachers. About yourself and humans, about the world and the environment, what is valuable and what is ephemeral. Learn to be human.
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Human trafficking

Gender in Human Trafficking – A Romanian Perspective within an European Framework One topic that deals with gender is human trafficking. In Romania since 3-4 years ago several posters appeared, in the transportation means and in other points, with information related to human traffic. With this paper I will try … mai mult

Waste no more and the results

In the summer of 2013 we intended to deepen our knowledge, but also to share with other young people through Waste no more what we know about environmental protection, consumerism, status of waste, human ecology, features, and what unites us, with the purpose of creating an island of learning different … mai mult


Drama and music therapy for the emotional well being of young people – Training în Polonia

Are you one of the youth workers, youth leaders or volunteers from Romania which will take part in the project and interact with participants from Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, UK and Poland? Do you want to explore the topic of drama and music therapy and to enrich your … mai mult


B’Estfest România, 5th-7th July, 2013

We took the TraditiON updated games as well as the project Waste no more for a visit. We played board and card games with those that passed by our spot, out of curiosity, interest or proximity. More feedback regarding the TraditiON updated games helps reaching better versions.      #wastenomore was presented as a concept and … mai mult