B’Estfest România, 5th-7th July, 2013

We took the TraditiON updated games as well as the project Waste no more for a visit. We played board and card games with those that passed by our spot, out of curiosity, interest or proximity. More feedback regarding the TraditiON updated games helps reaching better versions.

#wastenomore was presented as a concept and we got a canvas cloth bag with its image freshly transpose on it, spot on drawn by the project coordinator. We thank “Atelierului de Pânză” with this occasion for all the materials provided.

In case you thought you saw us in the Green Village B’estfest Romania area, yes, those were us 🙂
Why we went there: Our target group for activities that are connected to a sustainable lifestyle and promotion of human right are young people.
Challenges: The presence of polluting companies that practice greenwashing, not loyal competitivity, aggressive campaigns, attracting the youth.
We enjoyed: Presence of organisations that care about what they do and the way the interact with other people and the environment. Youth eager to get involved. team spirit and collaboration. Diversity.
A festival with many learning points, friends, games, music and cheerfulness.