Drama and music therapy for the emotional well being of young people – Training în Polonia

Are you one of the youth workers, youth leaders or volunteers from Romania which will take part in the project and interact with participants from Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, UK and Poland?
Do you want to explore the topic of drama and music therapy and to enrich your workshop methodology?

”Drama and Music Therapy for the emotional well being of young people” is a training course which will take a part in Zakopane, Poland between 2nd and 8th of December, 2013.

The aim of the training is to increase efficiency quality of the youth work via exploring new working methods such as drama and music therapy. DRAMA is one of the major tools with educational and prophylactics effects. MUSIC THERAPY is known to influence therapeutically, relieve tension, aid in relaxation, learn emotions, a tool for imagination and creativity development and major tool for self development and self knowledge. After the training the participants after the training will create in their local work an educational and prophylactics workshop for Youth and promoting meeting for co-employees. From the various methods of the training they will create a PDF tool Script.

 be aged 19 or over (no upper age limit)
 be able to communicate in English
 be interested in the topic and motivated in participation
 motivated to take part in the full training
 have already some experiences in the youth work.

FOOD AND ACCOMODATION: Is fully covered. We’re going to stay in Zakopane.
Travel tickets:
1. We start at 15:00 on 2.12.2012
2. We finish at 19:00 on 8.12.2012
3. You can buy tickets for the 2nd or 8th of December 2013 – but YOU NEED TO BE in the hours of the training which we introduced to you above.
4. In case of arrivals on 1st and departures on 9th don’t worry on food and accommodation, the hosting and coordinating organization cover them.

 Travel expenses are covered 70 % with a maximum of 300 euros.
 Please remember that for travel cost reimbursement we need: – e-tickets with price, if there is no price, the invoice is necessary, – boarding passes – economic – train tickets, 2nd class – car – gasoline receipts. A maximum of 7,5 liters/100km use of fuel.
 The Polish organizers are providing for insurance costs.

Here you have the Application_form_DRAMA_AND_MUSIC_THERAPY with the contact details. We take into consideration the applications received by November 3rd. Only the selected participants will be contacted.

Make your own luck! 🙂